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Kindergarten: Mrs. Bokotey

Grade 1: Mrs. Reichard

Grade 2: Mrs. Suppel

Grade 3: Miss Battaglia

Grade 4: Mrs. StAndrassy

Grade 5: Mr. Biller

Grade 6: Mrs. McKay

Grade 7: Mrs. Matthews

Grade 8: Miss Toolis

Music: Mrs. Indovina

Phys. Ed.: Mr. Loya

Computer: Mr. Shamblin

Library and Art: Mrs. Kopp

Rita Basalla


Fr. Marek Visnovsky


Sharon Rayokovich

Office Secretary


Preschool & after school care director

School Info

Teacher Contacts

  • 4600 State Road, Cleveland, OH 441109 

  • Office Phone Number: 216-749-7980

All employees and volunteers who have contact with students undergo thorough screening, including background checks through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BC &I). For complete information on screening policies, see the revised Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse, section 1.2 (p. 3) 

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